• Laser rental Forms
  • Rate Management
  • Internet Reservations
  • Fleet tracking
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Accounting interfaces
  • Credit Card processing
  • Mobile Apps

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems develops and distributes car rental systems software, with internet Reservation and confirmation capability, to vehicle rental and car loaner dealerships. The Bluebird Auto Rental Systems car rental software is designed to run on any Windows Server operating system, as well as on the Web.
I recommend this software more for medium to large companies for the fact that it has a lot of features.  Large vehicle rental software would really benefit from all the features they have to offer. Bluebird Auto Rental Systems provides training for its customers, but it takes some time to completely understand the software and its multiple features.

DescriptionAmount in USDTerm
NetRent (Starting from)995One Time
Credit Card Processing(optional)795One Time
Support295Per Month