• Checking vehicles in and out
  • Managing reservations
  • Tracking available vehicles
  • Trial available
  • Tracing pending customer payments
  • Assessing vehicle damages
  • Automatic maintenance and servicing notifications

Easy to use Cloud Solution to manage vehicle rental Business. Be up to date with the status of vehicles and customer reservations 24/7.It provides tailor made solution that simplifies current tasks and reduces your workload. Navotar is more like a website where you can manage your vehicle rental business.
It is relatively simple to use, but there are some aspects that can be better. There isn’t a lot of training needed because it’s mostly understandable and secure. It is good for a startup company but I think it is a little on the expensive side for a company that has only a few cars. Navotar has a very great customer support. Very responsive and acts immediately and answers your inquiries and resolves you problem as fast as it could. It has features that aids in the management of the business such as reservations and tracking. It also provides accurate billing and invoice so you don’t have to be stressed out with all of those numbers and amounts. They provide video tutorials that will help you learn and understand how the software works. Since the features are not complicated, you will not spend much time on the learning part. After some time, you will be ready to start using this amazing software. They also have a free trial version. You can be able to test this and get to know how the software works. If it suits your needs, then you can go ahead and purchase it. Navotar is not highly priced, it is an affordable software. Looking at the services provided by it, you will even say it is a cheap software.

DescriptionAmount in USDTerm
Software Only (Starting from)600One Time
Software & Reservation Module1200One Time
Software, Website development and Reservation Module1600One Time
Price Per Vehicle2Per Month
Transactions25Per Month
Price Per Transaction30 cents + 2.9%Each